Air Fryer Review

air fryer reviews 2017

Air Fryer Reviews 2017

Yesterday morning, I was watching one of the TV shows and I heard air fryer name first time from the show host. She was keep telling the advantages of this machine and even showing the experience of cooking food in it. I thought this would be best for me because I was looking for such machines. I had browsed air fryer reviews 2017 and decided to buy it and wanted to find out about air fryer benefits.

BLACK & DECKER vs Philips

After few days, I went to the mall and got stuck between BLACK & DECKER and Philips brand while purchasing. I investigated every single thing from salesman of both companies, I possibly could. And came to know that Philips brand is little expensive because Philips are the bestselling in the industry although BLACK & DECKER is also a really famous series but from a functional perspective, the digital Philips models offers you with more functionality. Economically, however, BLACK & DECKER is the better choice in comparison to Philips. Finally I made my mind for Black & Decker. I purchased and as soon as I got home, the first thing I tried air-frying was frozen spring rolls with 200 Centigrade up to 8 mins.

air fryer reviews 2017
air fryer reviews 2017

Cooking Experience

They came out nicely cooked with super crunchiness and juicy moist chicken fillings but with a little dryness. You can also add 1 table spoon of olive oil in it. People that love eating oil fry things can make a difference between oil frying and air frying as taste is slightly different.

But from health point of view it is best.Although, I try to exercise daily but it is not possible for my husband as he usually has late sittings in office. Since the day I bought this item I make everything in air fryer. It is the best thing I have ever used. You can grill, fry and bake with this unit. It works on hot air. Deep-frying is a hassle because you have to get rid of the oil, you have to get rid of the smell, and it’s unhealthy. So this technology is a healthy alternative to deep fry cooking and like air fryer reviews 2017 I found it amazing.


It has a drawer that pulls easily out to reveal the cooking basket and pushes back in. Push button to release the basket in drawer. You need to put food in this basket and If you’re baking, you can use baking dish of your own inside the basket of appropriate size that easily fit in.

You can’t use any plastic containers in the basket. There is no any window for checking the cooking progress. After frying open the basket. It is hot inside so don’t touch the inside. You need to pre-heat first up to 2 to 3 mins.

For quantity , temperature and timings you will get all details clearly in manual come with the air fryer.

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