What is Negotiation?

It’s about discussing things between two or more parties to come up with an agreement that both parties (who are trying to work out a solution to their problem) walk away satisfied avoiding any dispute. It can be done if you know effective negotiation skills and techniques. 

In the world of recruiting, building and keeping relationships are key for both parties. Negotiation should follow principles of fairness. Maintaining relationship is very important. One must be extremely patient and understand the second party’s needs and interests as well.

Salary negotiations are a key component of the recruiting process but as a recruiter, the first thing you need to find out is if your candidate is reasonable and has realistic expectations. Here are some negotiation techniques;

Negotiation Skills in Recruitment

Never come without proper preparation. Do the research ahead of time. Research to be based on firm data. You need to do your research to know what the prevailing wages are in the industry and market. It will provide more confidence and power. Research will help better understand their needs, their strengths and weaknesses.

Build and Maintain a Relationship

Recruiter should begin with the goal of building trust with the candidate. Honest and open communication plays a critical role in identifying, developing, and sustaining long-term relationships between recruiters and candidates. Improving relationships with candidates will benefit your company in many ways.

You’re developing a collection of people who would be a good fit with the position in certain situations. Sharing your newest job openings to the respective candidates (send out regular emails, call candidates or connect in person) ensure a positive outcome. Candidate always feels valued and recruiter can make more placements.

Understand the Position and Company Culture

Tell candidate other reasons by constantly promoting all the other positive aspects of working at the company, that: culture, training, challenging work, location, benefits, flexible working, etc. 

Add Salary Range in Job Description

If you don’t mention salary range in job description, the chances of you wasting your time are high. It may possible that job may attract candidates who are off the scale. Make that clear in the description.

Build a Buffer

Never begin with your final offer. Give yourself a sufficient “cushion” between what you are asking for and what you want. This will enable you to make compromises without giving up anything important. It shows to the candidate that you are flexible.


You need to be confident about yourself and about the services you offer to the candidate with politely and professionally.

Present the offer as a total reward package

Recruiter needs to share a total reward package summary to candidate. It should include size of salary, bonus, retirement fund, value of any health insurance, company car value, personal training budget, etc.

By presenting clear picture of the job opportunity help candidate decide about accepting the role.