Things Not To Do After A Meal – Your Health is in Your Hands

Things Not To Do After a Meal

There is nothing more important than health and wellbeing. All the cash in the world can’t buy good health so it is very crucial to take care of your body. Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone. It is seen that majority of the people love to have rest after consuming a meal. Usually, they practice of drinking tea, laying down, sit comfortably and many other acts that are extremely dangerous for your physical condition and can cause the harmful and adverse impact on stomach, health, metabolism, and immunity. In this article, we learn what are the things not to do after a meal.

What are the things that should not be done immediately after taking meal? There are the certain things people usually avoid noticing in their lives or might they know all the habits but neither bother to implement nor they want to know the reason behind them. It is important to read about the activities that impact on human body and people should avoid these things right after a meal.


Never hit the pillow right after consuming any type of meal breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taking the nap is the favorite thing for most of the people after a meal. It can cause indigestion intake, stomach burning, bloating, sleeping pattern disorder, intestine infection and discomfort and of course, if food is not properly digested, one will feel heavy throughout the day. In addition, sleep and weight gain are very much interconnected. You are more likely to get high cholesterol and obesity by doing this. If you want to take sleep consume a meal about 2 hours before sleeping.

things not to do after a meal


One unhealthier and extremely destructive habit which damage the entire body and even I have seen many people doing this is the immediate smoking after eating food, they think that it could help them to relax their mind. Smoking, however, is not recommended ever but what researchers particularly alert or warn about is smoking cigarettes instantly after a meal. Nowadays smoking has been a fashion or we can say that a trend and many individuals consume alcoholic products and cigarette after a meal especially in social parties. Cigarette contains nicotine which can bind with oxygen desperately needed by the body for digestion. Many scientific procedures prove that smoking instantly after consuming food is like smoking 10 cigarettes at once which increases the possibility of lungs cancer.

things not to do after a meal

Taking Shower

Taking a bath instantly after having food is quite dangerous. Our digestive system requires maximum energy and blood flow in order to digest the food properly. While bathing, the flow of blood diverts towards hands, legs, skin, and decreases around the stomach. This can weaken the digestive system and can cause stomach pain. If you are planning to bath, take it before a meal or wait for 1 hour after the meal.

things not to do after a meal
things not to do after a meal

Doing Work-out

Doing exercise after eating a meal is not a good idea and has distinct disadvantages. In order to burn more fat, workout with an empty stomach is highly suggested. It is better to plan workout 2 or 3 hours after eating. Exercise with full stomach not only make you uncomfortable but also causes cramps and makes you sluggish during a workout. Your food won’t get digested properly and you are more likely to vomit because of heavy intake. After having lunch or dinner dedicated blood supply is required by your body to assist digestion of intake and if you do workout soon after this blood supply will be used by muscles and process of digestion get disturbed or hampered and can lead to can lead to reflux, stomach burning, hiccups, nausea, and vomiting.

Things Not To Do After A Meal



Swimming or any activity like walking, workout, jumping, aerobics etc. which need the entire body muscles movement are not recommended after consuming food. This is because blood circulation rushes to your stomach more after having a meal to facilitate digestion, with swimming blood flow increase towards muscles and tissues as a result food doesn’t digest properly. These sorts of activities can cause burnouts in the body, depletion of tissues and meal contents in your stomach can give you cramps.

things not to do after a meal


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